Hugh Warwick - SWCC patron - opening hedgehog day in support of the hospital for hedgehogs at Shepreth

Hugh Warwick opens Hedgehog Day at the Hedgehog Hospital in Shepreth

Shepreth Wildlife Conservation Charity is celebrating after its first ever ‘Hedgehog Day’ proved to be a resounding success, with the four hour event raising £1,000 for the Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital.

SWCC trustees arranged the fundraising afternoon after monthly outgoing costs hit £1,500 a month for the new rescue facility for hedgehogs in Hertfordshire. In addition to this, SWCC trustees still need to re-pay a loan of over £40,000 for the initial building costs.

Visitors to the inaugural event had the opportunity to learn about the work with hedgehogs in the hospital and the imminent GPS tracking research, which will be unveiled later this year. They were also treated to a colourful presentation by the newly announced patron – Hugh Warwick, who gave a very entertaining insight into the secret life of hedgehogs. Hugh, who is the author of ‘A Prickly Affair’, has been studying hedgehogs for
 over 20 years maintaining a blog of unique and quirky 
hedgehog material. He is both an ecologist and writer, and his first book still remains the only one to have accolades from both Jeanette Winterson and Ann Widdecombe on the cover.

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