The Trustees have overall responsibility for the management of the Charity (registered charity no. 1145477).
The Trustees are also responsible for awarding grants and making donations to other charities, and oversee all of the projects SWCC are currently involved in.
Rebecca Willers Chairperson Chair
Mike Hunter Trustee  Technical
Jane Taylor Trustee  Fundraising
Sally Willers Secretary Administration
Jeanette Richards Trustee Staff Management & Fundraising
Colin Taylor Treasurer  Accounts
Liz Dams Trustee Volunteer liaison & Fundraising
Yve Morrin Trustee Fundraising


This committee managed the research work undertaken by, and on behalf of SWCC. HSAB worked on a project to monitor hedgehogs following their release into the wild.
Rebecca Willers Chair
Dr John Lewis IZVG, WVI
Dr David Williams Cambridge University Vet School
 Steven Philp IZVG
Dr. David Wallis
Elizabeth Bennett Independent Vet


The HMC is responsible for the Hedgehog Rehabilitation Programme. All the committee members are actively involved in running the Hedgehog Hospital and all have specific roles and responsibilities.
Liz Dams Trustee
Jeanette Richards Trustee
 Sasha Sebright Hospital Manager
 Natasha Ennew  Research Co-ordinator
 Judith Large  Release Site Co-ordinator


This committee organises all the events held to raise money for the Charity. We are always looking for new members, or new fundraising ideas, so if you would like to join us, please let one of our team know!
Rebecca Willers

Yve Morrin

Jane Taylor

Sally Willers

Jeanette Richards

Liz Dams