Imagine how a gift of any size in your will could make a difference for future generations. One way that can help us to continue our work is to consider leaving a legacy to SWCC in your will.

For example:

£80 will provide a 1 hour vet visit for the hedgehogs in the hospital.

£4,500 will fund the hospital for 1 month for up to 50 hedgehogs.

Making a will needn’t be scary. It’s always a good idea to have a will to be sure that your wishes are known and a solicitor can guide you through the process. Once you have made provision for your family and friends why not think about a gift for SWCC and wildlife conservation. The government offer some advice on making a will.

A huge thank you for your generosity if you have decided to include a gift in your will for SWCC. If you want to let us know about it, then it will give us a some idea about longer term projects we can commit to and, of course, is completely confidential. We will also want to show our appreciation and welcome you as a lifetime supporter of the charity.

If you want to discuss leaving a legacy we’d be happy to discuss it and any questions you may have. Contact us directly on to set up a convenient time to talk.